Gerd Palmetzhofer

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Gerd Palmetzhofer wird die Keynote Lecture der MMK 2016 halten.

Keynote: Human Factors in Safety Critical Control Rooms

Key aspects of human factors from a safety critical point of view.

  • Examples
  • Objectives
  • Usability Engineering Process
  • Practical Realisation

Gerd Palmetzhofer started his career in human factors and usability in the middle of the nineties by designing user interfaces for real time process control systems.

He then switched to the mobile telecommunication industry, where he was responsible for the usability of several service applications.

With the change to Frequentis in 2007 he came into contact with safety-critical control rooms.

At Frequentis, he is part of the human factors team being responsible for user interface design, process analysis and human factor testing for public safety and maritime control rooms.

Currently his focus is on developing a new operator working position for both domains.